Developing your Business Critical Plan

Information Shared

Medium Term plans need to be discussed ASAP 

  • Remain calm and continually communicate with the team 
  • Everyone fills gaps with fake news, so remain calm with the team 


Perm to Contract 

You may have quite a bit of perm business written up and waiting to start. It’s likely that many consultants will want to avoid any conversation with the client or the candidate, but as a business owner you need to get a grip on what cash flow is to make business decisions. Converting to a contract arrangement in the short term may be an option if the client has to withdraw an offer, but lack of contact equals zero influence! Make sure they speak to these parties weekly and check the plan


Lots of clients are working from home. Do remind staff of your WFH policy if you have one, and if you don’t, you’ll need to put one in place. I recommend three team check-ins per day for teams who are new to this, just to keep the team focused on short-term actions


There are a few legal implications. Check your contracts for a “reduced hours and lay off “ clause. This allows for continuity of employment. And it’s got to be better for staff to continue to have some employment rights as long as possible

In the downturn 

  • Invest in candidate relationships 
  • Data and people who have been unreachable in other markets 
  • Increase interview techniques internally, as many staff will have only worked live jobs
  • Also training on engaging candidates without live jobs 
  • Mobile numbers and CRM data update / cleanse the system 
  • Then cover all jobs but then switch to short-term targets for quality candidate registrations so every conversation delivers – referrals, hiring managers etc 


Alison Humphries