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Insurance options during a pandemic

Marsh Corporate Insurance Options

Commercial Insurance is our primary offer. Recruiters Choice offers all the most important business insurances, which covers not only the material damages, but business interruption (potentially including CORONAVIRUS),  Liabilities and Professional indemnity. Recruiters are facing more and more non standard contracts, including Statements of Work and Fixed Price contracts, so it is vital that the right Insurance policy can protect the business as fully as possible. Our Recruiters Choice policy,  also automatically covers things like Cyber and Data Liability, dishonest acts of temps and own staff, and Directors and Officers Liability.

Without the most comprehensive of policies business could fail.


We have just seen the largest drops in the values of stocks and shares for over 30 years. This could impact on the survival of hirers businesses and leaving recruiters out of pocket where they can no longer get payments for contract. Business failures are inevitable. How can you insure against such business failures?

Credit insurance may be your only lifeline.

Marsh Credit are one of the biggest suppliers of Credit insurance in the UK


People will recall the introduction of GDPR 2 years ago, but cyber attacks are happening on a daily basis, including fraudulent impersonations and cyber extortion, so it is vital that businesses look at their IT risk management and  what impact a loss of data, or cyber attack may have on their business.

Marsh are one of the worlds biggest Cyber risk management experts.


By taking out some Legal Expenses insurances, companies can protect against contract disputes, Employment disputes, Tax Investigation and tax liability , and BREACH OF RESTRICTIVE COVENANT. The last element of cover could destroy a business if one of the sales consultants walks out with all the business contacts .and data


How can you retain your best staff? How can you attract great staff ?

A well constructed employee benefits plan will give staff a great reason to join the organisation, or a reason not to leave.

Some people will need life assurance, some will need income protection, to maintain their lifestyle, others are concerned about Private medical insurance. In addition, you can include rewards plans which may be of more interest to Millennials/Gen Zs.




Peter Stoll