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Effective Communication during a Crisis

We wanted to share our advice around the importance of communication during a crisis.

While we’re still in a position of daily changes and updates from the government, it’s now more important than ever to ensure that you have a strong digital communications strategy that not only ensures your business stays active during the COVID-19 crisis but also sets you ahead of your competitors when things return to normal.

As a few others have mentioned in this chat over the last week, I’d like to reiterate a key mindset that business owners need to consider – put your focus on the elements you can control. 

The unprecedented changes that are happening each day are beyond our control; the way we communicate with clients, candidates and staff, are in our control.

As a starting point, we’ve outlined the below 4-step comms action plan to follow:



Agree your company stance and communicate that to your audience. Are you promoting remote working? Are you instilling sector confidence on hiring? Are you supporting with remote on-boarding processes?

Once you’ve outlined your stance, deliver that message (consider video, animation, graphics) via your LinkedIn Channels, Email Database and SMS.



Understand how COVID-19 is impacting your vertical – what issues, opportunities and challenges is it causing for your market? 

You can do this by speaking directly with your clients and contacts, as well as utilising the fact that people are more active on the likes of LinkedIn.



Now you’ve understood the impact on your market, provide the solution and content that joins the conversation. 

This is your opportunity to become a thought-leader within your niche. Outline your plan for delivery over the weeks to come, creating engaging content (blogs, videos, polls etc) that captures the interest of your clients and candidates. Businesses that utilise the chance to lead the conversation during this crisis will see the reward in the months to come.



Use this disruptive time within the market to reassess your brand assets. Spend time looking at how your website reflects your business, how your pitch decks sell you, and what tools your consultants have available to deliver the brand to existing and new clients.

Also take time to look at how you can set up processes to support your business growth. Such tools as automated email campaigns may have fallen down the priority list a couple of month ago – now is the perfect opportunity to implement new processes that help you maximise your communications to potential new clients.

As a final note, consider your stance on supporting businesses during this time. Providing additional services for free and upgrading your deliverables for clients is a great way to show your support and gain brand loyalty throughout this crisis.

This is a topline process that can help you focus on where to start but if anyone has any specific questions, please feel free to message me here or privately.

Also – please don’t be afraid of posting out content that you fear may become outdated as the news develops. 

I.e. your stance on remote working

This is a time to be proactive and hijack the news to your advantage as much as possible. You just need to make sure you’re prepared to respond and update as news develops!



We’ve been working on or seen a lot of great things like:

  • Webinars for thought leadership 
  • Webibars for candidates
  • Resource downloads
  • Group conference training
  • Video tips
  • Dedicated website areas
  • Virtual tours
  • Data sharing
  • Surveys and questionnaires
  • Podcasts
  • Recycling evergreen content such as white papers and videos


Laura Wood
Director and Co-Founder, Loaded Hype

T: 07823 885 013


Laura Wood

Oliver Kurt