Objection Handling in a time of Crisis

Information Shared

  • Take the talent now whilst you can – if you put the role on hold the candidate will have a lot more put to them when the market bounces back
  • Don’t stop a process and harm your employer brand
  • Take the person on a temp to perm basis so getting the person and not taking the risks
  • Companies are giving us more roles at the moment knowing this is a moment in time and we can get hold of people right here right now we’ve not been able to before
  • Make an offer, get the person over the line and pay them a golden handshake if necessary (chargeable)
  • stop another hire not this one

Skills Check – Scott Ransome  

Free 15 minute skills check on:

  • Recruitment Sales Skills – Structuring your calls
  • Starting your call
  • Questions
  • Benefit led selling
  • Increasing Flexibility (Expand)
  • Establishing Rules of Engagement
  • Closing a Call
  • Increasing Value in a Deal Situation

Coaching and Training:

  • Making the theory clear and engaging
  • You observe me – broadcasting great examples
  • I observe you – assessment and monitoring in live and “as live” situations
  • Sign Off

Overall Training Competency Framework Blueprints for a Recruitment Sales Business.

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Stephen Covey tells a wonderful story, attributed to Abraham Lincoln, when he teaches the 7th Habit.

I’ll share that with you another time…but clearly, these challenging times will not defeat us if we take a moment to Sharpen the Saw.


Scott Ransome