Overwhelmed & Stressed

Information Shared

Overwhelmed & Stressed 

Personal Branding 

How’s your personal brand content strategy looking for the next 90 days?

Your personal brand not business brand.

This will be critical to your future business results.

Bows the time double down on your content strategy during the next few months

  • Short videos
  • Daily posts on LinkedIn
  • Weekly blog to your lists
  • Start new conversations

All the about need to solve candidate and client problems (not recruitment industry problems)

What to do now…

  1. Add value 
  2. Have conversations 
  3. Build those relationships 
  4. Coach clients through their problems 

A conversation is low value cost wise (time) but high value to the client

Keep focusing on offering high value that doesn’t cost you. 

At a time like this people need a painkiller (fix my pain fats/listen to me) vs a vitamin (nice to have but not necessary right now)


Andrew Sillitoe