Members’ Meeting

Building a Vision for Post-Pandemic Success with Mike Smith and Gary Elden

Gary Elden OBE


Gary Elden OBE joins Mike Smith, co-founder of The Power Hive to discuss how to build a vision for post-pandemic success.

Whilst we’ve all had to adapt to working in lockdown conditions and COVID has more or less become part of everyday life, looking to the future is an essential part of ensuring your success.

Building a vision and instilling growth mentality during a time where many are focused on the immediate here and now is difficult. This Hive members meeting has been designed with this in mind – to encourage leaders to plan for the future both practically and optimistically.



Work-force strategies for post-COVID Recovery – Deloitte Guide

Resilient leadership responding to COVID-19 – Deloitte Article

Members Meeting Session Presentation Slides

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