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A journey to change the mental health
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About Damaged Goods Co.


The Damaged Goods Co. was formed to help change the mental health landscape education and corporate environments. Mental health across the UK has been declining for the past decade, at a time where public awareness and support services have been increasing. It’s obvious that our approach to tackling mental health needs to change.
That approach I believe, is one of honesty, openness, and advice supported through lived experience.
Through the Public Speaking, Staff Training, 1-2-1 Staff Sessions and Consultancy, it is my aim to not only support the wellbeing of your employees, but to also give them the courage and confidence to access in-house support systems you may already be paying for.

My Story

I am not a millionaire. I am not an athlete. I have not created a self-help formula that will enable you to quadruple your annual earnings after just 6 weeks. I am just a regular, somewhat normal individual. However, an individual who, by no control of his own, has experienced some of life’s most profound ebbs and flows.

By the time I had reached 6 years old, I had already gone through the loss of 3 grandparents and my parents divorce, however the uniqueness of my story begins at age of 9, the day I lost my father to suicide. That was an event which would begin a series of twists and turns that would soon form a complex web of skewed beliefs and long-lasting mental health issues. Issues that would see me battle suicidal thoughts, among a long and daunting list of additional neurotic symptoms, for 4 long years.

From losing family to losing friends. From alcohol to drug addiction. From failing university, to failed businesses. From financial gain to thousands of pounds worth of debt. From corporate success to corporate failure. From losing a lot, to losing it all.

Through years of hard work, through prescription after prescription, and 11 months of weekly Psychotherapy while working as an Executive Search Consultant, I would finally amass the courage to be able to communicate honestly and openly about my emotions and experiences not just with others, but with myself. After 13 long years, I would finally sit down and tell my family how I felt about my dad’s suicide. This newfound ability has meant my destructive behaviours and beliefs no longer serve a purpose. I have finally begun to unwind the web that held my capability captive.

So where is life at for me now? Well, you are here with me, on this very page. I now run The Damaged Goods Co. LTD full time, delivering support services into schools, colleges, universities, and corporate businesses nationally across the UK. I’ve also just launched the Walk & Talk Series, a new mental health interview series that focuses on ‘Ordinary people with extraordinary stories.’.

It is my aim to ignite and inspire a fierce curiosity in the inner workings of whoever hears my story, while providing practical tools to help regulate emotion in times of need, helping people deal with life’s inevitable ebbs and flows a little easier than I did.

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