Paul Waters Associates has been established for over 30 years, working with organisations across many different sectors to improve their sales teams’ retention and performance.

What is Paul Waters Associates?


Since 1994  we have specialised in offering the SPQ*GOLD Sales Behavioural recruitment profiling and ongoing development tool to UK businesses – our long term clients include Michael Page, Reed Specialist Recruitment, Ethos Energy, Informa Exhibitions, Aliaxis Group and WorldFirst Foreign Exchange.

We are proud to be a family-run business, ensuring stability and continuity for our clients. We are all experienced in implementing the SPQ*GOLD profiling into organisations ranging from small, owner-run businesses to FTSE-100 companies. You will always be dealing with an experienced, knowledgeable person.

More about Paul Waters Associates

Sales Recruitment Profiling

Filter out the people who will struggle with sales activity.

Sales Behavioural Auditing

What’s holding your people back?

Sales Improvement

Move each person’s BD activity up a gear

The SPQ*GOLD Sales Behavioural Profile


The Sales Preference Questionnaire (SPQ*GOLD) is a 137-question online psychometric test. It is a narrow-band, self-descriptive instrument used to assess the presence, predisposition and degree of selling discomforts in candidates for sales roles. It is also used to provide an assessment -based support for training and development applications with current salespeople.

SPQ*GOLD measures all 12 of the identified selling fears plus 3 additional determiners of sales activity – Motivation, Goal Level & Goal Diffusion. It also includes three scales used to detect non-standard attitudes towards completing the instrument. 

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