Retained Business and Onboarding

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Retained Search 

Typically I see that the contingent recruitment model delivers between a 15 – 25% fill rate.

Usually, a robust retained search model runs at minimum of 90% or more.

Meaning much higher productivity.

Lockdown and Pay 

Has anyone made the plan about pay for Lockdown?

  • SSP 
  • SSP plus uplift
  • Reduced hours and pay cut temporarily
  • salary sacrifice with view to pay back 
  • Withhold commission at the moment for invoices not paid

Has anyone made the plan about pay for Lockdown?

  • Some who have completely deferred commission and/or 
  • Asked people to take a pay cut 
  • Defer part of their salary until July have been received well as they have explained the reasons why to their teams properly. 
  • 20% reduction in pay / drop to a 4 day week 

Two main reactions 

  1. The ones who were warned in advance, given a rationale and transparency on the overall picture have been comfortable with it. 
  2. The ones who didn’t get that level of communication are pretty angry.

Most clients have said SSP is mandatory if you go off on sick due to the virus, but most are then using their discretion to pay full salaries to people who are self isolating but still able to work from home.

I suppose it depends how much you can afford to do, commercially versus for the welfare of your team.

I too would be interested in what everyone else is doing/planning?

Virtual Onboarding 

My advice, which relies on you having a collaborative client, is to get them to outline their normal onboarding process for you, if you’re to persuade them to take a leap of faith on virtual onboarding you’re going to need to break it down and model it for them so that they can trial it with you – it’s easier for them not to do it themselves so you have to stretch yourself a little to help them see it working whilst staying true to their standard process

I wouldn’t want to or feel comfortable on-boarding virtually unless the role was one where they were working virtually…in those cases that;’s worked very well for me to date.

But I would, and have, agree everything in principle until such time we can actually have a 30 minute “get together” to put pen to paper and the clear understanding “if all goes well…”.

On-boarding virtually for a physical role, I’m scratching me head I’m afraid 

Anyone got strong thoughts or opinions on this?

What the industry is doing…

1) Onboard from home on a consultancy basis. (In our industry commission only). 

2) Offers made but delayed starts. 

3) Some are just taking the plunge & figuring it out (those that are best prepared for WFH). 

Onboarding in the medical sector 

I think if the role is one that can be done remotely, then definitely. I think a recruitment process can definitely be done without physical contact, but with video engagement. We ran a freelance model at one point and didn’t meet some employees at all. We work in the care sector so it has to keep on going, but having rounds of face to face interviews would mean add infection control risks are heightened. That said if critical recruitment needs aren’t met, they will be under-resourced at a time when they need strong and deep teams so technology has to be embraced. Ethers points are great as half of the battle will be to lift the psychological barriers and deeply established beliefs in the benefits of face to face meetings. Map it out for them and give them some successful case studies of ‘the innovators’ that are combating the times with technology and onboard it talent whisky there isn’t a lot of competition. If not, it’s ‘lockdown’ central and everything grinds to a halt!

When onboarding remotely…

  1. Essential knowledge – legal, skills, company culture 
  2. A zoom call with management – to build the community, engagement and a sense of value 

Soft Start option…when we don’t have other options 

  1. Commission only employment 
  2. After the shutdown, back in the office and submit a perm offer. 

Some recruitment agencies are paying up to 75% of the deal value.


Louise Archer