Be Amplified

Recruitment Marketing has always been necessary and it’s simply now an essential part of the recruitment sales cycle. 
The Be Amplified programme is a collaborative group of full service recruitment marketing specialists and which is currently spearheaded by the award winning recruitment marketing team at Kitto.


In a recruitment world many marketing aspects are now part of the fabric of the whole sales process and full service recruitment marketing help with these:
  • Social Media Footprint
  • Email Outreach
  • Nurture Campaigns
  • Automation
  • RPA
Some goals recruitment agencies reach because of these include:
  • Candidate attraction
  • Client attraction
  • Empowering your employer brand
  • Attract new staff and keep existing employees happy 
Put simply, recruitment marketing helps you Amplify Your Brand and Amplify Your People.
To learn more about the Be Amplified programme and to have an initial conversation about this, please use the button below.
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