NorthStar People

NorthStar People is the fastest growing UK advisory organisation providing recruitment owners and leaders with all the support, expertise and advice needed to achieve their business goals and personal potential.

Our purpose

With over 127 years of hands-on experience, we are a group of recruitment leaders and industry experts who are proud of what we achieved and how we’ve done it. We are a blend of highly driven people who have either built, grown, led or sold recruitment businesses and demonstrable experts who specialise in delivering key services that all businesses need at some point in time. What binds us to work together and collaborate is the shared values, ethics and belief in how people achieve brilliance which for us is equally important to the result itself.

We are different

We passionately believe a team of five experts is far more powerful and impactful than one. We’re a team of experienced advisors and experts who have been in your shoes with some of us working at the coal face of recruitment until recently. We know what it takes to survive and succeed in the recruitment industry. 

Services we support business owners and recruitment leaders with:

Business advisory and planning 
No matter what size your business is, running one without a plan is like running a marathon without preparing for it in the first place. We help you define and document your vision, purpose, short, medium and long term goals, the actions to help you achieve them and the measures to keep you on track. It’s the best way to hold yourself accountable for not just working in the business but working on it. 
Business coaching is a process in which a coach guides a business owner or leader in the pursuit of their work goals. Add in the demonstrable recruitment industry knowledge and experience that we possess, and you have a industry specific coach who can help you discover your full potential and achieving it, whether that be developing leaderships skills, creating a high performing culture or challenging your mindset.
Business mentoring 
We understand that running your own business has many benefits, but it can be lonely at times. Spending regular time with an expert will give you a sounding board, help you make better business decisions, solve problems, cover your blind spots and have someone there to cheer you on when needed.
RPO consultancy 
With hands on experience of designing, building, pricing, selling, and implementing RPO solutions we provide a ‘7 Step RPO Programme’ to help you achieve such a transformation that generates customer value, recurring revenues and increased profitability.
As former recruiters and leaders within the recruitment industry, we use our expertise and knowledge of best practices across the industry to help you develop your teams to their maximum potential by focussing on, new recruits, upskilling your existing fee-earning team and leadership development. 

In many cases most recruitment agencies are just too small to even warrant a HR professional, so this is frequently left to line managers. We proved a on-demand HR service covering everything related to people including, practical support, HR advice, strategy and mentoring. 

We provide the services of a fractional CFO to facilitate growth, knowledge transfer, expert advice and in many cases and we develop finance teams through mentoring and coaching. In some instances, this is through a retained assignment and in others cases just on an ad-hoc basis to advise and guide on strategy and functional finance management.
Virtual board & NED support
All the NorthStar People team are highly experienced NED’s and support many recruitment agencies with Board support and advise on a fractional, monthly or quarterly basis.