The Data Option

Data, Email Outreach and Automation are now the norm and only just a few years ago they were considered witchcraft in business.
10 years ago we began working on getting data with new client and candidate contacts, the correct email process to get the best results from that outreach and building the automation to help remove some of the legwork and heavy lifting these tasks are associated with.
During this time the technology has also changed frantically and we have been to move with the times so can both provide the best solutions for your business model to achieve a better performance and give the correct consultative guidance from a very pragmatic perspective.
We’re not perfect, but we have results from automation & email outreach from campaigns to millions of contacts globally and this data driven information allows us to advise on what systems, processes and actions provide the best results when it comes to adopting these principles into your recruitment business.
The Power Hive community also benefit from 20% discount on all services and consultancy.
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