Engagement Multiplier

Enabling Recruiters to Build Brands


Engagement Multiplier is an employee engagement platform that delivers a 360-degree understanding of your organization, enabling you to take focused action to improve culture, retention, and business performance. 

Purpose-built surveys, anonymous two-way communication, and powerful analytics make measuring employee engagement and gathering feedback easy.

Easy to use, fast to set up, and backed with expert service, Engagement Multiplier enables you to:

  • See at a glance which teams are thriving, and which need attention,
  • Identify previously unknown issues and improve morale,
  • Assess the health of your organisation’s culture, 
  • Gather feedback and insight from your employees,
  • Understand what’s keeping employees from their best work,
  • Improve employee engagement, retention, and performance.

What our clients say: 

 “The information this system provided, along with how it provided it, was truly amazing.”

“The Engagement Multiplier portal was straightforward to start working with, and the team were brilliant at showing us around the system. We have just had the results of our first benchmark survey. Not only was the system embraced by 92% of our staff, but the information this system provided, along with how it provided it, was truly amazing. The insights to our teams and the clear direction it gave us to improve will change our company for the better. I am unsure how any HR team can be confident in the strategic directions made within a company without Engagement Multiplier. I certainly know we would never stop using it.”


“Our teams are engaged, happy –  and most importantly – retained.”

“Up until the last few months we’d always created our own employee satisfaction surveys – however, we struggled to be able to interpret the data and act upon it. Tracking improvement was also incredibly difficult. Engagement Multiplier has changed that – the standardised questions get our employees thinking and generating useful feedback that we are able to use to push our business forward and ensure our teams are engaged, happy –  and most importantly – retained.”


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