Hive Benefits



Members have access to exclusive Power Hive Partner and Supplier discounts and offerings negotiated and curated with you and your agency in mind.

We’re connected with industry-leading organisations and recruitment specific solutions across each programme area.

Our partners and suppliers are strategically selected to facilitate and realise your agency ambitions, guarantee that you’re getting the most out of your team and you as a leader whilst driving efficiency, innovation and process optimisation!

Hive Life

It goes without saying that the pull towards recruitment as a career for many is the lifestyle it can facilitate! As part of your Hive membership, you have access to our extensive Hive Life offering.

This covers a range of strategically selected discounts at countless restaurants, hotels, experiences and more.

Take advantage of our brilliant array to make a saving on meetings, Lunch Clubs and employee incentives!

Upon confirming your membership, you will have access to the full range of exclusively agreed Power Hive discounts from all of our partners and suppliers listed above in the supplier spotlight, alongside the remainder of our supplier catalogue.

Supplier offerings come in the form of percentages off, multi-purchase savings, free consultations, preferential access and rates and dedicated advice.

To access these deals, please contact one of our team for a full breakdown of each supplier offering upon formalising your membership agreement with The Power Hive!

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