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CBILS Funding Advice

Seeking support around the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme?

Below is a structure shared by a Hive member that they used as a structure to apply for a loan under CIBLS.


  • On what basis has the amount been calculated?
  • Has this been based on existing (pre virus) income and expenditure levels or future levels? If future, what are assumptions are being used?


  • What is the purpose of the facility (short term cash flow/longer term cash injection) and how will the funds be specifically used?
  • How will the funds be used to address the cash shortfall caused by Covid-19?
  • When the Pandemic is resolved, how long do you believe it will take to start recovery?
  • What challenges will you face e.g. future loss of contracts/staff availability?
  • What changes is the business making in the short and longer term to help drive business performance back to either pre virus levels or beyond?


  • What are your largest overheads currently e.g. staffing costs, business premises costs, stock and or/other debt costs and what if anything have you been able to do to reduce any of these if possible?
  • How do you feel the borrowing will support the longevity of the business?


  • Have you accessed other government schemes (detailed above) in response to Covid-19?
  • If Yes please provide details below and Quantify how these will help cash flow.


  • Last 2 years full end of year accounts
  • Any interim management figures to date (if available)
  • Minimum 12 month Cashflow forecast

Finally please also be aware that for Limited Companies the following security would be applicable for any loan:

  • £25k to £100k – a Personal Guarantee from all active Directors, specific to this facility and included in the facility letter.
  • £100k to £250k – a Personal Guarantee from all active Directors, specific to this facility and included in the facility letter plus a Debenture.
  • £250k and above – A Full Personal Guarantee from all active Directors separate to the facility letter plus any other security considered appropriate based on each individual application



The application process is now open for businesses, if you or any of the recruiters you support need further advice, as I’m conscious they may not have Relationship Managers assigned to them and getting through to all the major banks at the moment is a significant challenge due to the sheer scale of the problem, impacting every business.

I’m happy to talk to anyone – NatWest banked or not to help them with the process whether it’s with us or own bank.

  1. NatWest, RBS Group are only processing these types of loans for their customers at this stage due to overwhelming demand.
  2. They are however happy to speak to The Power Hive Members and Suppliers to help steer them through the process for their own bank or would be lender. 
  3. In many cases, they may even know who the CORRECT person in your bank is to speak with for this process and will happily share with you who those people are for your benefit to get through to them properly rather than queue.
  4. Please email at with the subject CBILs NatWest and I’ll direct your email to them accordingly.


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