Technology Programme

A programme which helps you understand exactly where your business is operating Technologically!

The Power Hive has developed 4 Divisions to support the needs and wants of our Members, Hive Community, Suppliers and HiveLife Partners. Whilst some of the initiatives in these divisions crossover as we all build much more substantial recruitment businesses, we have kept the main categories separate for clarity on where we can aim the correct focus.

These are BusinessPeopleMarketing and Technology.

With 27 years recruitment experience, one of the Hive Co-Founders & Partners, Keith Southern, helps steer the Technology and the Marketing Divisions and he has spent the last 5 years researching, learning, using and teaching which technologies, processes, systems and tools can almost replace every aspect of the standard recruitment model.

This experience and the continued conversations we have across the Hive has allowed us to develop the Technology Diagnostic & Analysis Tool, which in turn helps shine a light of where your Recruitment Agency needs most help within the Technology realm.

Once completed, the results allow us to provide a full introduction into the Philosophy, Concepts and Basic Principles behind Authority, AI Tools & Technology and Automation of the Marketing & Business Development needed in your recruitment business.

Member Meeting

Power Hive Co-Founder Keith Southern will be hosting an intimate member meeting on Automation Principles, AI Tools and Authority.

Tech Diagnostic Overview

Your Tech Diagnostic

The Power Hive Technology Diagnostic and Analysis survey is not only easy to use but will also help you understand exactly where your business is operating technologically. 

Register below to get access to this tool and we’ll send you a personalised link to begin your free assessment.



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