SourceBreaker is a matching and robotic automation platform, powered by artificial intelligence.

The SourceBreaker platform seamlessly integrates with your CRM, ATS and other databases, improving candidate pools by over 200% and identifying vacancies that match candidate profiles at the click of a button.

What is SourceBreaker?


Supercharged Search:

Build powerful searches with 100% accuracy, every time. Our machine learning-driven platform unearths the candidates you currently miss, across multiple sources.

This enables your recruiters to identify the candidates they need, enabling you to fill more of your current roles, with top-quality talent.

Robotic Automation:

Save your recruiters two hours each day through our intelligent automation of critical tasks. 

Put your SourceBots to work and let them notify you the second top talent becomes available, instantly matching your vacancy and providing the competitive edge on hard-to-fill roles. 

Your recruiters are then freed up to focus their time on engaging with talent and hiring managers.

More about SourceBreaker

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